Thursday, October 23, 2008

Economic recession be damned - let's go get retail therapy!

I couldn't stand the guilt and just pledged $10 to WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio. They had Ira Glass calling people's houses and asking them why they hadn't pledged! Such a thing terrifies I gave them my support to avoid making Ira Glass sad.

Then I went and bought myself another pop-up book, called ABC3D. It was only $12! And it was featured on BoingBoing! Here's a's fantastic! I am so not addicted to pop-up books, honestly, I swear! I can quit whenever I want...!

Abc3D - video powered by Metacafe


Cecil said...

Great, this comment is one of those super typical comment cliches. What's that song playing?

MC Kiolbasa said...

I am not going to pledge UNTIL Ira Glass calls me at home! Yeah, that's right, call me out, Ira Glass, and I will tell you about how until 2 months ago I qualified for food stamps!

I LISTEN to public radio for sweet free, so I put the public in it, since I am part of the public. I figure paying $30 to see radiolab and meet Jad Abumrad, my other public radio hero, was LIKE making a donation.